What Are The Producers, Consumers, & Decomposer

•What role does a producer, consumer,and decomposer play in a ecosystem?

What is a producer?
Most producers are at the very bottom of the food chains. Producers are the ones that mostly make every other animal live. Ex. A plant would be a producer because it would produce like fish that eat plants and it would go on.

What is a consumer?
Consumers are the ones that eat the producers. People are consumers just like other types of birds. Such as the herbivores they eat the producers because they eat plants witch sometimes are the beginning of a food chain. There is also the carnivores that eat the secondary consumers (herbivores). Another one is like us that are called omnivores because we eat both meat & plants. There is another one that they are scavengers, they are the ones that eat the carrion of the other dead animal.

What is a decomposer?
A decomposer is an organism that dies. When it dies it becomes bacteria. It can become nutrients, nitrogen, and can go in the soil to feed the plants. The decomposer also makes the molds on the bread, it mostly happens when it’s rotten . An example of a decomposer would be a Fungi. The Fungi absorbs nutrients from the soil an when it dies the nutrients that it had come back down to the soil.

Why are the producers, consumers and decomposers are important?
All this are important to the ecosystem because if their wasn’t producers there would probably not be consumers nor decomposers. Also many people depend on the producers for our food that we eat.

Screen_shot_2011-01-20_at_8.23.01_AM.png-Carnivore & Consumer Screen_shot_2011-01-19_at_9.49.50_AM.png -Decomposer & Fungi



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